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Культура и искусство
09.12.2011 в 22:22

Music Is Amazing - Music blog

Artist: CHVRCHES Album: Every Open Eye Release date: 25.09.2015 Tracklist: 1. Never Ending Circles2. Leave A Trace3. Keep You On My Side4. Make Them Gold5. Clearest Blue6. High Enough To Carry You Over7. Empty Threat8. Down Side Of Me9. Playing Dead10. Bury It11. After Glow12. Get Away13. Follow You14. Bow Down Style: Indietronica Synthpop read more
25.09.2015 в 14:38

Artist: Silversun Pickups Album: Better Nature Release date: 25.09.2015 Tracklist: 1. Cradle (Better Nature)2. Connection3. Pins & Needles4. Friendly Fires5. Nightlight6. Circadian Rhythm (Last Dance)7. Tapedeck8. Latchkey Kids9. Ragamuffin10. The Wild Kind Style: Alternative Rock Indie Shoegaze read more
25.09.2015 в 13:06

Artist: Editors Album: In Dream Release date: 02.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. No Harm2. Ocean of Night3. Forgiveness4. Salvation5. Life Is a Fear6. The Law7. Our Love8. All the Kings9. At All Cost10. Marching Orders Style: Indie Post Punk read more
24.09.2015 в 13:42

Artist: City and Colour Album: If I Should Go Before You Release date: 05.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. Woman2. Northern Blues3. Mizzy C4. If I Should Go Before You5. Killing Time6. Wasted Love7. Runaway8. Lover Come Back9. Map Of The World10. Friends11. Blood Style: Folk Indie read more
22.09.2015 в 10:55

Artist: !!! Album: As If Release date: 16.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. All U Writers2. Sick Ass Moon3. Every Little Bit Counts4. Freedom! '155. Ooo6. All The Way7. Til The Money Runs Out8. Bam City9. Funk (I Got This)10. Lucy Mongoosey11. I Feel So Free (Citation Needed)12. Butt Dial/Bitter Lemon Style: Electronic Indie read more
06.10.2015 в 12:25

Artist: Deerhunter Album: Fading Frontier Release date: 30.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. All the Same2. Living My Life3. Breaker4. Duplex Planet5. Take Care6. Leather and Wood7. Snakeskin8. Ad Astra9. Carrion Style: Experimental Indie read more
07.10.2015 в 11:03

Artist: The Black Box Revelation Album: Highway Cruiser Release date: 17.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. Stop Breathing2. Riverside3. War Horse4. Highway Cruiser5. Pounding Heart6. Live Forever7. I Knew All Along8. Gloria9. Walk Another Line10. I Can't Find It Style: Blues Rock read more
19.10.2015 в 17:41

Artist: EL VY Album: Return to the Moon Release date: 30.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. Return To The Moon (Political Song for Didi Bloome to Sing, with Crescendo)2. I’m The Man To Be3. Paul Is Alive4. Need A Friend5. Silent Ivy Hotel6. No Time To Crank The Sun7. It’s A Game8. Sleepin’ Light (feat. Ural Thomas)9. Sad Case10. Happiness, Missouri11. Careless Style: Indie read more
19.10.2015 в 15:01

Artist: Beach House Album: Thank Your Lucky Stars Release date: 30.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. Majorette2. She's So Lovely3. All Your Yeahs4. One Thing5. Common Girl6. The Traveller7. Elegy to the Void8. Rough Song9. Somewhere Tonight Style: Dream Pop Indie read more
19.10.2015 в 10:52

Artist: Joanna Newsom Album: Divers Release date: 23.10.2015 Tracklist: 1. Anecdotes2. Sapokanikan3. Leaving The City4. Goose Eggs5. Waltz of the 101st Lightborne6. The Things I Say7. Divers8. Same Old Man9. You Will Not Take My Heart Alive10. A Pin-Light Bent11. Time, As a Symptom Style: Indie Folk read more
20.10.2015 в 11:50
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